I always prefer to keep a track of the good things people say about me. Remembering then helps me to overcome my lows, Below are some of the things which i was able to document

"I envy you, you are always able to do whatever you want, without the fear of what others might think about you" - Raghu Mohan during a conversation
"hey wanted 2 say sumthing u have lot of talent hardly met such person ..kp learnin !!" - Dhara Manek on FB
" u inspire me back.. " - Nikhil Kulkarni on a FB Chat
"Your Energy and Enthusiasm are amazing! How passionate you get about what you do is inspiring. it has been amazing getting to know you." - Sarah Bass
the guy whose world revolves around Quora, Steve Jobs and books! Retain your..ummm…weirdness man! I have a feeling it will take you far. Keep reading, keep coding! - Ganesh Nagarsekar on a post about YourStory

I will keep updating them.