How being minimal can help you (and the world) as well. few months back in one of the events i attended, i met a lady from Singapore who came with the luggage of the world (her suitcase was so big that i could have easily fit in) she wanted a place to keep her suitcase safely. Being the gentleman i am, it is understood that i helped the lady find a place for her suitcase and helped her with it(it was extremely heavy). but i always wondered what was in the suitcase that she had to carry the worries of the entire kashmir in it. That was my eureka moment for a new project on minimalism.

Minimalism is a low consumption way of living. the reason i follow minimalism and try to be minimal is to decrease my dependence on things and also help reduce consumption.

It has long been observed that the less things we are dependent upon, the less we have to worry about, in turn the happier we are.

currently i have given up using a watch(It was a very difficult decision) from past three months. My ultimate goal is to strip down to less than 10 items (including the Number of clothes).

The project is meant to go on for 100 days but will be happy to carry it forward as go on for as long as i like. currently my frequently used stuff consists of

1) 5 pairs of cloths (one for each day of the week)

2) 2 pair of socks

3) 1 pair of shoes

4) 1 laptop

5) 1 Digital camera

6) 1 Notebook

7) 1 Pen

8) 1 Bag to carry everything (I do not use plastic covers)

9) 1 Motorcycle (I walk to work/use public transport on weekends)

10) A dongle for Internet (Borrowed, Bought)

11) Cell Phone with 2G Internet connection (I use GPS to measure distances while walking)

12) A pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses

13) 3 Pairs of Cuff Links (used rarely)

14) 2 Pairs of Ascots (used rarely)

</br> Most of the things i share from people thus initiating conversations and making good friends at various occasions. Here is something for you, which will show you how when something is created a lot of waste is added to the environment along with some intangible byproducts.