If your life were a book how would like the first chapter to be

Imagine you are walking down the street after a tiring day at your office, you think that the day is finally over finally you are going to meet your spouse/girlfriend and waiting to tell her how your day was and suddenly you are hit by an oncoming vehicle and you are on your deathbed. what would you wish for, would you be happy that you are about to die without doing what you loved,

lived your life how your parents, friends and neighbors expected you to live.

knowing that the money you accumulated in your banks will not be able to buy you an hour of extra life.

how many people will come at your funeral

how many lives have you impacted

one way to check this out is to call people whom you consider your friends and make a request which causes them to get out of their comfort zone.

well if your answer to above questions is no. what you can do is to make a bucket list and keep it in your conscious mind and strive to tick it off one by one.

somebody said sometime back that if you want to be great “either write things worth reading or do things worth writing”.

choice is your’s do you want your book to start with -

Long time ago there lived a man/woman who was born, lived his life just like everybody, was struck in corporate job which he was about to leave since he joined it and died in a traffic accident/from some disease. he did not change any life, nor did he do what he wanted for the sake of his family, he did not go for bungee jumping though he talked a lot about it. he wanted to open a school also he wanted to impact a lot of lives by providing access to free health care, he wanted, he wanted and he died just wanting to change the world.

or would you like to read it this way

This book is about a man who changed the way people see things, he changed and impacted the lives of uncountable people, he lived life on his own terms and did what he wanted to do, he faced a lot of hurdles and challenges but he marched ahead and didn't let anything deter him, he had achieved what he wanted to achieved and created a better world, the world mourns his passing.

its never too late to make a choice.