I did my first job as a Data entry operator when i was 15. a year later I repaired computers. I worked as a salesman in many supermarkets along with performing in theatre when i was 17. Acted in a south Indian movie as junior artist, reverse engineered software and wrote viruses at eighteen, taught tuition to kids and fought with college management for better education at nineteen ( close enough to getting expelled) conducted workshops at 21,

Quite some time back i was speaking to a friend whom i had met only once and communicated very few times. this person is of the same age as me, we were talking about our experiences and also happened to talk about our journey so far. both of us shared a common concern, based on our experiences and things we have done, people tend to believe that we are much older than what we seem to be and suddenly when they come to know about our age, their reaction changes and suddenly we tend to descend from the overachiever to fickle minded person who can’t hold on to one thing for long.

I believe that learning multiple skills helps in a long term as compared to being a specialist in a field as this helps you to change tracks and do whatever you want and explore more in every sector wherever you plan to move on and learning a bit of every sector thus helping you to interact with a lot of people from every walk of life.

What do you prefer.