Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs discusses about human needs on various levels Starting from Physiological, safety, love/Belonging, esteem and moving up to self actualization at the highest level. Abraham Maslow in his paper titled “A Theory of human Motivation” talks about these needs which he has categorized into two parts “D (Deficiency)-needs” and “B (Being)-needs”. Deficiency needs are the first four needs which are physiological, safety, love/belonging and esteem needs while B needs is the need for self actualization. A person feels the need for self actualization only after his deficiency needs are fulfilled.

Entrepreneurs are always driven by the need for self actualization and are thus happier when they get freedom to create and think. They also become more creative and are able to solve problems more efficiently when they think freely. Coming back to Satisfaction, It is defined as <div class='highlight'>“fulfillment of a need or want” according to Merriam Webster Dictionary</div>.

For most of the people needs fall into the D-Needs category which means they are satisfied when their materialistic desires and basic needs are fulfilled. While others look at the top of the pyramid beyond the need of food and safety. They look for freedom to create things and experiences and are satisfied only when these needs are met. And once these needs are met they move on to solve bigger challenges.

For some, satisfaction can generate from a monthly income which is enough to take care of their family and instills a sense of security in them. For a School student satisfaction means getting good grades in school. While for a college student</a>, satisfaction may mean getting placed in a good company.

As we walk up the ladder our needs keep increasing and thus levels of satisfaction decrease. And finally we reach a level where we learn to cope up with need and satisfaction imbalance on the material level and strive for the final goal of self realization and start searching for our purpose in life, which is when we are totally satisfied. And this is the need which motivates a person to solve a problem and becomes the mojo for an entrepreneur and drives him on and on towards excellence.

Whats your mojo and how do you derive satisfaction form it?