Brainwash yourself to startup

12 July 2012

The Big Idea

When an idea strikes our head, the first thought is often to disregard that idea or counter that thought by using various statements like “this won’t work out, I don’t have enough money, I don’t know how to do that, I don’t have enough resources, nobody will buy my product etc”. Unfortunately our subconscious mind has been trained by our experiences to question our beliefs and thus the idea is killed by our skeptical thoughts.The solution to this problem is to train our thought process to rephrase the questions in a different way and then ask “how can I make this work, how can I generate enough money, how can I learn to do that, how can I use current resources to start executing my idea, who is my target customer etc”The trick here is to keep asking questions like “why” and “how” rather than reaching conclusions and making declarative statements. The biggest hurdle in Starting up is about starting up itself. And Starting up is what differentiates the elite 1% from the 99% crowd. Once we take the decision to implement our ideas we start figuring out the ways to move forward as we face new challenges and keep repeating these questions and figure out the answers.

Another good practice is to consistently read about startups and people who make it big and their biographies. All the self-made people started out with just an idea and created cult companies out of it. Steve jobs with his design skills and technical expertise of Steve Wozniak became a messiah among the geeks and non geeks alike. But we must remember that he started out with nothing apart from an idea to form a company which sells computers which everybody can afford. He wouldn’t have attained the godly status if he would have been apprehensive about his abilities.

So don’t let that idea of yours die a slow death by not working on it and doubting your abilities and start working on it immediately.